Let's know how to use Oil Pots in Chivalry 2

  • Chivalry 2 is a brilliant large-scale multiplayer game and players loved this game a lot! However, many of the players still don’t know about the Oil Pot which is one of the useful and interesting weapons in this game. In the game of Chivalry 2, the Oil Pot is a clay pot that is filled with highly flammable and helps to flush away the opponent from its current positions. In short, it can be used just like a weapon to frustrate enemies by throwing oil pots on them. It causes up to 35 damages to the enemy’s health. This throwable item you will be able to find throughout the game. So, let’s know how to use Oil Pots in Chivalry 2.

    How to Use Oil Pots in Chivalry 2
    You’ll need to charge up an active ability before you’re able to use it. This is a balancing mechanic that prevents players from spamming them, especially in the case of Oil Pots. The last thing you want as the attacking side is to have a battering ram nonstop on fire. With that said, every class has a unique way to charge their ability quicker.

        Archer – Hitting headshots on enemies.
        Vanguard – Getting kills with your sprint attack.
        Footman – Healing and reviving teammates.
        Knight – Blocking damage.

    To equip the pot you will have to go to the equipment menu by pressing L on the keyboard or by accessing the Change class menu in the Escape / Start menu> then you will have to load the capacity of use as you go gaining kills, inflicting damage, or doing anything that allows you to get points and enlighten the bar of special abilities. When the circle around the pot icon is yellow you will know that you can access the throwing item by pressing the D-Pad down or the letter 4 on your keyboard, which will allow you to equip the oil pot.

    In order to throw, tap on ‘G’ on the keyboard or tap on both of the shoulder bumpers on your controller. This way, you can throw an Oil Pot on the enemies.

    DO NOT hold it for a long time or the game will force you to let it go and it can ruin all your well-planned throws if you throw it before time.

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