Two Path Of Exile Overpowered Builds

  • Slayer Turbo Flicker Strike Build
     Turbo Flicker Strike is an unimaginably powerful build from the duelist's Slayer vantage class; this build will have players scrambling around the map, clearing dozens of enemies at once, and killing targets quickly for bigger gains progress and some game resources and POE Currency. Flicker Strike has an incredibly fun playstyle and is great for new players getting started, in addition to greatly increasing the player's survivability for endgame content.

    In addition to physical and melee damage, players should prioritize attack speed, crit multiplier, intelligence, and health. Using the right build, like the Turbo Blink Strike build will have players clearing the dungeon in no time.

    Saboteur Blazing Salvo Mines Build
     It's an interesting build from the Slayer's vandal advantage class that focuses on using mines to deal intense elemental damage. Players will throw fireballs that explode to death in a small area, after which everything burns to ashes. Fire damage, elemental damage, mine damage, and spell damage are all extremely important when players are looking for equipment for this mine build.

    Meanwhile, the Blazing Salvo build does above-average damage, although it does lack survivability and may feel a little underwhelming. However, it doesn't take much to get the right materials for this build, so players new and old can use this build on a smaller budget.

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