Farm SWTOR Credits Conveniently

  • How to get SWTOR Money in SWTOR is very important, it is closely related to the development of our game. Below I give some of my suggestions.

    An important thing to know if your character is low level is that the lower the level the less rewards you get. If you want to get more Credits, you first need to pay attention to increasing your level as much as possible. In addition, you can also sell unwanted items to get Credits

    This means that if you're in a guild with high requirements for conquest, you can earn some currency as long as you complete the Conquest for four characters, then exchange the currency you earn for rare crafting materials, which you can sell later These will earn you tons of SWTOR Money! If you want to play solo by yourself, you can still easily earn that much money with four characters per week for two weeks.

    If you prefer running team content, story mode runs are now a good option for you, as each boss drops many Tech Fragments. Ending a full story mode operation basically gets you 2,000 tech shards, most teams can end a story mode operation in under an hour, so if you can find a good team and run two story operations, you can Buy rare materials with tech shards in exchange for Credits, earning about 100 million Credits in just two hours!

    Finally, you can also buy SWTOR Credits through IGGM, a third-party service provider. This will save you a lot of time so that you will have a better gaming experience too. Consider it if you need it. Happy gaming.

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