2 ways to farm Credits in SWTOR

  • We know that SWTOR Credits are very important in STWOR. We need to spend a lot of time to farm Credits. Now I'll show you some surefire ways to boost the speed of farming Credits.


    Galactic Starfiger and PvP can also get a lot of SWTOR Credits, but the time will be longer, but it is also a good way.

    If you like GSF, you can get 850 Tech Fragments per week from Galactic Starfighter. But if you lose every game, then you need to play 20 games to get 100 million worth of rare material. If you like PvP, you can get around 1,500 Tech Shards per week from PvP.

    Although it takes a lot of time, you can also earn considerable STWOR Credits.
     Swoop Event

    Swoop events are time-limited events. This is also the activity that earns the most credits in the game. When your character reaches level 75, you can earn 700,000 Credits in half an hour.

    Requires players to complete daily and weekly quests, as well as completing bonus time quests and bonus objective quests while playing matches, with plenty of rewards across nine courses. Then, you can also use this method on several other characters, and you can get a lot of points, about 2 million points per hour!

    The above is how to get a lot of STWOR Money this time. If you don't want to spend a lot of time, you can also SWTOR Credits at IGGM. This way you will have more time to experience the game. Happy gaming.