A diffcult role in Path of Exile for most of players

  • If you're a big fan of Path of Exile, you probably already know that compare to other role, melee is more diffcult for most of players , and in fact, it hasn't been a good character for a while. How does traditional melee balancing make it a viable option, in a nutshell, compared to range? If you're going to be forced to POE Currency Buy and be near with moster in Path of Exile,  you should be capable to deal more damage than ranged abilities.

    This is not the case with Path of Exile. Actually, melee characters tend to be one of the hardest to deal insane damage due to their heavy equipment and scale reliance in Path of Exile. Generally, skill points are poured into one specific thing and then scale with your weapons and gear, so having great gear and really powerful weapons is essential, but it's also very expensive at the high end.

    However, spell builds etc tend to be easier to speed up as these builds are less focused on amplifying all their damage from their skill points and their gear. In practice, this means that not only are remote builds easier to make, but they're generally more powerful as well.

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