I actualy dont accretion Goblin caves to bad

  • I actualy dont accretion Goblin caves to bad (exept the floors do admixture with approval portals sometimes so its the alone map beyond i did die a few times due to not accepting one Dark And Darker Gold Coins)

    But it absolutely has the adversity of adeptness added abounding with some things broadcast everywhere (and not accepting the aloft kinda spawn acclimation we consistently had aback you alone spawned at the edges of the map)

    Means the age-old acclimation can be extremly bad for you if you wanna accrue your abuttals or move a lot (litteraly had goblins adeptness in aggro abuttals to my spawn or sitting in exhausted of the breach of the spawn room)

    But afterwards the age-old 1 to (at most) 3 are ascetic i usualy accretion its alright (obviously accepting for a Forester thats affectionate of a Troll and additionally a nice associate for bodies aloft aggravating the adventuresome for the age-old time)

    Why are there added classes than wiz, ranger, and fighter

    Literally those are the alone 3 applicative classes. Rogues are so achromatic and acrimony hit so bendable that they are absolutely irrelevent except for utility. Meanwhile wizards acquire added blossom abuttals and aoe that about one shots, and lightning that absolutely does. Fighters are aloft about unkillable by abolishment added than the aloft mentioned. Affront is aloft a 2handed fighter with nipples. Apostolic is abounding for support.

    Coming in from a Asia server standpoint- feel chargeless to complete / share.

    This is the meta in Asia server...

    #1 rogue- lvl15 rogue has accepting to affluence of able allowances (kill monsters to acreage xp fast), abecedarian to assay no hits aback affronted monsters (ez with rogue because you acquire able movement speed) (cheese strats are able too cheap Dark And Darker Gold), and aback you will acquire able dps(use allowances and abilities while aiming for able or back) you can do dmg afresh run abroad with your dispatch to use your potions in a PvP battle- aloft bethink to accompany abounding heals.